The Future Of Website Design

Where is the future of web design going, the Internet has always been designed with the desktop computer in mind, but today in 2013 the mobile market is taking over. I was looking at some statistics a few days ago which shows that more people browse the Internet on mobile devices now than on desktop computers. This didn’t really come as a surprise to me as mobile devices have taken off to the Moon ever since the iPhone came out. Now we have android I OS and many other mobile devices and tablets with access to the Internet in extremely easy ways. But does this mean we will see websites specifically for mobile devices?

I still personally feel that browsing the web is a better experience on the desktop computer, it may be easier to access the web on a mobile device but the overall experience is not as good. My question is do people really want to use mobile devices for the Internet? I still think people prefer to use the desktop when browsing sites with lots of information, navigation is still better with the mouse and keyboard and cannot be replaced fully with a touch screen. Website design companies are trying to incorporate responsive designs that will work well on both mobile and desktop machines, these websites will be able to resize without any deformation. Many people think that these websites are the future I think they are not. I guess we will see in a few years.