Lighten Up Your Office With An Impressive Plant Display

Artificial plant displays have come a long way in the last few decades. In the past, the Dime Store was about the only place to find affordable “fake” plants, and they were obviously fake. The cheap, plastic plants were better used in childhood aquariums than in your home. But my, how things have changed! Manufacturers now make plants that even have brown spots so they look more realistic! Here is how to use artificial plant displays to brighten up your office and lift moods.

Organic Presence

Face it – most offices have an industrial feel. Everything is made of straight lines and right angles, with as many hard surfaces as possible to make maintenance easier. Harsh overhead lighting and often insufficient task lighting create eye fatigue. Artificial plants can bring an organic presence into otherwise stuffy spaces. The straight lines and right angles of office construction and furnishings are broken up with well-planned displays of plants. Overhead lighting can be diffused with artful displays, giving some relief to your eyes.

Think about it – offices are very unnatural structures. Our bodies are not straight and square, and neither are plants. With plants around us, we are not the only irregularly shaped occupants of a room.

Noise Reduction

If you are lucky enough to have carpeted spaces, at least the noise level is dampened. But many offices these days have hard surfaced floors such as stained concrete, hardwood, or tile. Combine that with the many hard surfaces of desks, and the noise from office equipment, any you have a very noisy, non-human feeling in the spaces.

But, when you add artificial plant displays to the mix, you immediately dampen the noise level. The foliage – even if it is not real – absorbs sound. The irregular surfaces of the foliage break up environmental sound so that reverberation is reduced. This, alone, is one of the reasons that many businesses hire interior decorators for the express purpose of forming and placing plant displays throughout the office areas.


Plants normally require loving care. They usually require sunshine, which means access to outside windows. They require water and dirt. We all know the requirements of plant life. That is almost an instinctive knowledge within each of us.

That is why artificial plants can be so useful in your office space. They do not require any of those messy maintenance things, yet still present the aura of organic life that is thriving. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere, often brightening up people’s moods whether they are passing through or working.

The presence of plants in a marketing office space implies that someone has an eye for detail. They care, or the plants would die. Never mind if they are fake office plants, because they do not look like it! The presence of plant displays and flower arrangements make people feel better and create a lighter atmosphere, and what could be wrong with that? Even your own cubicle can benefit from a nice little ivy or African violet.