Revitalising Your Office Working Environment

Your working environment, whether it be in a home or an office is extremely important. You need it to be perfect to have a constant of productivity or creativity depending on what profession you are in. You’ll make your office comfortable, ensure that you are in the correct position and also customise your area with a bit of personalisation. Once you have all that completed, it’s just a simple case of getting to work and keeping your head down. You don’t want anything in your office that can cause distractions, this is one of the issues I have had in the past.



After a while, you’ll notice that you may be losing some productivity, your work begins to slow down and you need something to perk up your office environment, but what could it be? Well, let me tell you, you may have overlooked something extremely important, plants. Many don’t actually realist how important plants are in an office environment.

For instance, did you know that the air indoors is actually over 10x more polluted than the outside air? Plants can actually filter the air and the indoor environment, to help you actually breath in something a bit more healthy. This is actually a positive physical benefit that a plant can add to your office. “What else can plants do for me?” you  might ask. Well, plants actually do have a positive mental health benefit also. Plants in your office environment can help to reduce stress, it has been proven, Helen Russell from Surrey University England as well as the recent work of Dr. Virginia Lohr of Washington state university confirm it as well as confirming a 12% increase in productivity among co-workers. Their test consisted of a simulated office environment with 27 computer workstations, and a computer program designed to induce stress. One run with plants, and one run without. Very interesting stuff.

But is it all a placebo? How do artificial plants effect your work environment? As long as you have something very realistic you should be OK. actually have a range of artificial plants that look just great for the office. Just seeing a plant whether it be artificial or not can have it’s benefits. The mind likes to see greenery in a stale office environment. If you don’t have the time to be looking after plants, then why not get your self something artificial?

So there you have it, if you’re looking to one up your productivity, why not head to  install some plants into your office!