More Ways To Track Your Favorite Celebrity

Social media has become our own pocket paparazzi. We no longer have to impatiently wait for the latest “rag” to appear at the market checkout counter, with pictures of our favorite celebrities in compromising situations. Thankfully, social media and mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, now give celebrities the opportunities to embarrass themselves, with moment-by-moment tweets and Facebook status updates. But, there are other ways, too, to track down the big names.



Celebrities have discovered that self-promotion is an inexpensive way to keep themselves in the public spotlight. It costs virtually nothing, yet they can reward their fans with frequent updates that make the followers feel special. This is the easiest, cheapest form of advertising ever invented, and even businesses and governments are getting in on the action.

To find out more about a particular celebrity’s social media activity, you can usually visit their website. There, you will find links to each of their accounts, with invitations to follow them on different sites. You probably also get referrals from friends, who invite you to “like” someone’s page. Once you do this, you start getting regular updates whenever that celebrity posts a status update, picture, or their thoughts of the day.

Other Ways to Find Celebrities


The professionals may be using social media, just as you do, to find out where celebs are, and when to expect them. But, they have other methods that you can adapt for your own use. Once you get wind of a pending special appearance, give a tip off to others who follow that person. The pros let them keep an eye out for an appearance, and get notification in return. They also learn to recognize the drivers for their favorite celebrities.


Social media has provided quite a bit of competition for the real paparazzi. A good photo of a celeb rushing into a taxi could once bring up to $20,000. Now, with Instagram, you can find those kind of shots for free. A photo might now bring around $400, if you can find a publication to buy it.

Tricks of the Trade

However, if you follow celebrities on social media, you can bet that the professional paparazzi do as well. In fact, their jobs are easier because of celebrities’ willingness to tweet their locations, post pics of themselves at well-known spots, and brag about seeing other celebrities. This provides a great setup, because the paparazzi can be on site for the perfect shot.

Alicia Keys, for example, tipped off her fans and photographers when she tweeted that she was training for a marathon. This insure that many of her fans, as well as the paparazzi, were on hand to cheer on her practice.

Types of Social Media

Besides Twitter and Facebook, you can find your favorite celebrities on Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is not so much a tool used by the celebs as it is used by those who spot the celebs at local restaurants or department stores .