Computing And Repetitive Strain Injury

The internet is a marvelous creation, all this information available to us at our fingertips, but are we ready for it? I mean to say, that our minds our ready, but physically our bodies are not. It makes me wonder with the whole theory of evolution, if the internet and computing might bring a change to the way we are,one mutation that benefits our new lifestyles may lead on to the future of the human race. But currently, sitting in an uncomfortable office chair waving a mouse around is not good for our fragile bodies. We are not designed to sit at a computer all day, we are designed to be active, fit and healthy.

So what can we do to prevent ourselves from injury in this world of computing information? Well one threat to our bodies is the risk of repetitive strain injury or RSI. Repetetive strain injury is an injury sustained from repeated tasks when using a computer. The symptoms can include stiffness, swelling, tingling, numbness, tenderness, aches and pain and cramp. If you have any of the symptoms, best to get advice ASAP.


So preventing this type of injury is as simple as getting comfortable. Make sure that you that you have adjusted all of your devices correctly and prevent yourself from repeating the same actions if they are becoming painful.

Sitting correctly is also an important part to preventing injury, purchasing the right office equiptment and possibly an office plant or two might be something to look into. There are also ergonomic mice and keyboard options available to prevent you from hurting yourself.