4 Great Online Yoga Resources

Yoga is one of the most versatile exercise and wellness programs you can enjoy. It is perfect for people of all ages and physical conditions, providing a low-impact physical workout for people with heart conditions, damaged joints, or other physical problems. A person who is in good physical condition can extend his yoga exercises to more challenging levels in an ever-increasing spiral of skills. What you may not realize is that there are some great online yoga resources. That’s right – your handheld mobile device can be a perfect companion as you expand your yoga routine you don’t have to go and sign yourself into a detox health spa. Here are some of the top yoga apps to add value to your exercise regimen.

Daily Yoga


The Daily Yoga app is available for iOS and for android, too. And, the price is perfect: it’s free! With Daily Yoga, you get an easy-to-navigate app that has a tab for beginners, and tabs for progressively more difficult poses. There is a pose library, and an active community that you can join online. You can also tap into their yoga music, using it for your own purposes or for classes. This app provides you with over 400 poses for your workout, and includes a video complete with music for your use. It also has over 50 classes in its library, so that you can broaden your experience. The workouts and poses are of varied intensities, and you can subscribe to get more advanced routines. Daily Yoga is also free.

Simply Yoga


Another app that is available for both iOS and android is Simply Yoga. Now, this app has kind of a home-made feel, but it gives you a wide selection of yoga workout regimens. You can choose between 20 or 40 minute workouts, or select the one hour workout, if you want. You can also select which difficulty you want, too. Each routine has a video to guide you through the poses, and an audio, too. This app is £3.00.

5 Minute Yoga


5 Minute Yoga is only 99p. Unfortunately, it is only available for iOS. With this app, you get over 350 quick yoga routines that last no more than five minutes. These sessions are taken from the included library of poses that come with illustrations and instructions. You also get a timer with the app, so that you know whether or not you have held the poses long enough. You can even select the music you want for your session.

Salute the Desk


Another great app that is available only for iOS is Salute the Desk. This £3.99 app provides a tracker so that you can record your progress in each of the areas you work, including head and neck, back and spine, arms, wrists, and the rest of your body. It is based on the Salute the Sun asanas and geared toward helping you relieve stress while you sit at your desk.

The convenience and variety of yoga apps can keep your exercise routines fresh and exciting. They can also help break the drudgery of daily routines.