Starting A Cladding Guide

Timber cladding is a mainstay of construction all across the UK. With the rise in do-it-yourself hobbies and home improvement projects, you may find that there are plenty of opportunities to open up your own cladding business. Just as any product-oriented business, you will have a number of considerations and plans to make in order to get your business off to a strong start, recruit customers, and keep customers happy. Here are some pointers for starting your own timber cladding business.

Scope of the Timber Cladding Business


How big do you really want to go with your timber cladding business? Perhaps this is the place to start, because it will define the other features you must consider, including vendors, suppliers, and shipping. If you want to supply small projects, such as those done by hobbyists, homeowners, or home remodel companies, then your requirements will be quite different from those of a supplier for a large commercial construction company. Commercial construction will require billions of metres of board timber, while a single home builder will require thousands.

Sources for Timber

There are many quality mills in the UK that can provide you with outstanding materials. Many of the will custom mill work for you. With this service, you can special order timber cladding with the contour or profile you want. Once you have decided the scope of your cladding business, you can start to seek out vendors that can supply the materials you need in a timely manner. Be sure to check for:

  • Delivery methods – will they be affected by regional weather
  • Timber quality – where does the timber come from, how is it milled
  • Customized orders – can the vendor deliver the types of cladding you order
  • Delivery dependability – Does this vendor have a reputation for timely delivery, and does it deliver to the site requested
  • Guarantees – Does this vendor guarantee delivery and quality

Building Brand Recognition


Of crucial effort will be building your own brand recognition. Select a name for your company that will make it clear that you are selling cladding. This will help to avoid any confusion from shoppers. You also need to select a domain name, or several, that will include the most popular search phrases for the areas you intend to supply. A good web hosting service can make sure that keywords lead shoppers to your website. They will recommend that you populate the internet with content that builds links back to your website, using these keywords. As shoppers type in these keywords, your articles will pop up more and more often. The shopper who clicks on the topic you have provided will be directed to your website for the information they are seeking.

In addition, make your presence known in forums and social sites on the internet. By getting your company name out there, you build up brand recognition and spread your reputation as a knowledgeable source for high quality timber cladding.