A Selection Of My Favorite Clothing Websites

Shopping online as become my main vice. It used to be cumbersome, with complicated return policies and confusion at the checkout page. However, the polished look and operation of websites today make it so much easier so shop, especially for clothes. Most websites today allow you to hover over a picture of an item and see it in other views, or zoom in for a look at details. With the click of a mouse, I can see what sizes are available in each item, and perhaps more importantly, what is out of stock in my size. Shopping carts on some of the sites are great, too, because they take me right back to the spot in the online catalog where I was shopping, rather than back to the beginning. Even delivery is not such a problem, anymore because most sites allow for free shipping if I place a minimum order. So, in the interest of corrupting – er – recruiting other people to online shopping, here are my 3 favorite clothing websites.

The Pink Rooster


With a cute name and cute clothes, this is a great site to find out what styles are going to be popular with each upcoming season. Not only are the clothes stylish, Pink Rooster has some designers and styles that you won’t find anywhere else. This summer, they are featuring their Masai line, with colorful, large prints and flowing lines. They also carry the ever-popular Seasalt line of clothing, along with Oska, Sahara, and Sandwich. The Pink Rooster even has a style guide to help guide you through accessorizing. Do you ever wonder whether you should wear heels or flats with a maxi dress? You can find out at the style guide.

Shipping is free in the UK, and checkout is a breeze.



Zulily has some of the cutest styles online. You can find clothing for your toddlers and school-age girls, and plus sizes, too. You even get free shipping on your first order. Some of the brands they carry are Spartina, Simply Aster, and EVVEL. They offer everything from workout clothes to work clothes, with fun stuff in between. You can buy fragrances here as well as The Seaweed Bath Co. hair care products and other items. Sassy sandals, handbags, and boots are all available through Zulily. Their shopping cart and catalog are easy to navigate, and checkout is simple.



Chico’s has some great items in really nice fabrics. They carry Black Label and Zenergy, and the rest of the catalog is made up of their own label. You can dress up or down with your selections from Chico’s, and find accessories, too. If you sign up for their email, you will receive daily notices of sale items. I got my daughter’s bridesmaid dresses here, because they had the same color in several styles. This made it easy to fit each bridesmaid with a style that looked great.

These clothing websites are just the beginning. Once you start shopping, you’ll find your own favorites.