2 Of The Top Lawn Maintenance Company Websites

Business websites make a huge difference in the success of a business. With a healthy, easily-accessed website, business owners can expand their customer and build their brand recognition faster than ever. Most business websites need specific information available right up front, so that visitors to the website can get the information they need without having to search on several pages. For example, the company name, phone number, and location should be obvious on the first page of the website. There should also be obvious “contact us” information, to encourage inquiries from potential customers. Here, we will take a look at 2 of the top awn maintenance company websites to see how they stack up in accessibility, customer convenience, and mobile adaptability.

Lawn Master


At the very top of the first page of the website you see the name “Lawn Master” clearly displayed in green. The font is easily readable, and there are no distractions on the page such as flashing or moving tabs, “creative” cursors, or other heavy flash-using devices.

Colors on the Lawn Master site are also pleasing, without being dowdy. Green on white is the first color we see, here, with a yellow inset that contains a call to action.

The second most noticeable feature of the website is the clearly posted phone number, with another call to action. On one look at the page, we see the title, contact information, and calls to action, all at one glance.

The next thing we notice is the tab menu, clearly written in white on green. The rest of the font on the page is easy to read, without confusing colors or distracting patterns that obscure the text or other content. Toward the bottom of the site, we see colorful photos that link to examples and explanations of each of the services provided by Lawn Master.

This website also loads quickly on handheld devices, and is easy to navigate on both laptops and handheld devices.

Green Thumb Lawn Treatment Service


Another good example of a well-crafted lawn maintenance website is Green Thumb Lawn Treatment Service. The name of the company is easy to read in the upper left hand corner in green on white. Right beside the name of the company are the tabs, also easy to read in high-contrast, clear font.

The next element we see is a call to action in the small banner across the top of the larger banner, and a second call to action inviting the visitor to find vendors in their postcode.

As we scroll down, we see numbers representing how many customers are served, how many branches across the country, and such information. In our opinion, this information could be saved for lower on the page.

The information about services is attractively packaged, with colorful photos and pop-up titles appearing for each of the services rendered by this company.

This site also offers links to blogs, which is not only desirable for customers, it is also very SEO crafty.

The site downloads quickly to mobile devices, and is easily navigated.