When looking at areas of expansion and growth in the 21st century, technology is lightyears ahead of everyone else. The technology industry has seen massive developments since the year 2000, but the main jewel in the crown is the growth of online technology.

With computer technology developments the internet had surged in popularity by 1995, and by the year 2000 it was quite common for households to have a personal computer. With decreasing prices of equipment this popularity has grown over the years, and the internet has become area of mass social involvement.
Online social media came about during the early years of the internet, with the first ever social media IPO posted by TheGlobe.com.
Since then this platform has evolved with the launches and growth of sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook currently boasts over 650 million active users, its quite surprising what happens every minute on the web:

98,000 Tweets Published
320+ New Twitter Accounts
700,000 Search Queries
7,000 New Flickr Pictures
170 million Emails Sent

If you are a business nowadays then you cannot ignore the online marketplace. With over 70 websites being launched every minute, what separates yours from the competition?

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